How to Delete All Facebook Posts at Once (Old/New)

Facebook is one of the most popular and giant social media platforms. Some of you may have started it a couple of years ago. And you may have posted some silly videos or photos on your timeline on Facebook. Thus Facebook understands everything and they do care about such things we don’t want to be on Facebook.

For example, our old, and new posts, stories, etc. That is why they have introduced the Activity log and Manage Posts section. A place where you can go back to any date on Facebook and make things right or the way you want.

Thanks to the activity log and Manage Posts section under the profile wall photo on Facebook. Where you can easily delete or erase your old, and new Facebook posts from your timeline. The very interesting, the best thing is, that you can do it in bulk (all at once) or one by one. Thus the activity is available in the Facebook app for Android, iOS, Web, and Facebook Lite versions as well. Then the choice is totally yours.

However, for stories, if you have enabled the archive, then you can get into it and erase and delete the stories you have posted on Facebook. Moreover, if you did not enable the stories archive, then there is nothing to worry about. Because stories automatically disappear or are deleted after 24 hours.

Updated: Delete Facebook Posts All at Once

There are easy ways in order to do it on mobile devices and computers. I mean you can easily erase your old or new Facebook posts in bulk on the Facebook app and its Web version. However, I will show you both ways of doing so. Moreover, note that the Facebook app method works on all devices Android and iPhone.

On the Facebook web client

Erase all your Facebook posts old, or new at once on Facebook using the FB web version. The procedure is easy, here is how to do it: Go to your Profile, click the “Manage Posts” option, Select All or Filter then select Posts by Date, Click Next then click Hide or Delete Posts accordingly.

Delete Old or New Facebook Posts at Once on PC
Delete Old or New Facebook Posts at Once on PC

Alternatively, you can get into your profile section. Then click the three dots button and click the Activity Log option. Now click Filter at the top then select Posts and Save Changes. Hover on each post and click the three that appear at the right of that post then click Hide, Archive, or Delete option as per your choice.

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On Facebook app

This method works on all devices, iOS, and Android. Simply follow these steps to delete old, and or new Facebook posts at once. Here is how to do it: Open the Facebook app then go to your profile. Then tap Settings (gear icon) at the top right of the Posts section. Now select Filter, and select posts by date. Then select all posts and tap the Bin icon to delete them all.

How to bulk delete Facebook old or new Posts at once
How to bulk delete Facebook old or new Posts at once

An alternative but the manual method for doing so is: Go to your profile then tap the three dots under your profile picture. Now tap Activity Log and then Filters, Categories, your Posts, and select “All”. Then tap three dots next to any post and tap Delete Post. This is a manual for getting rid of any old or new Facebook posts.

Using Facebook Lite

Yes, you can erase your Facebook posts on Facebook Lite too. But the method is manual. Here is how to do it on Facebook lite: In your profile tap the three dots option under your profile photo. Now tap Activity Log then choose Filters, Categories, and your Posts, and select the “All” option. Here you will need to select each post one by one then tap the three dots at the top right of the post and then Delete Post.

Delete Facebook old or new posts on FB Lite
Delete Facebook old or new posts on FB Lite

I mentioned earlier on Facebook Lite, the procedure is a little different and lengthy. However, if you have time and you don’t need the regular Facebook app as usual. then follow the above method and delete old or new Facebook posts.

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Our Recommended Method to Delete Multiple Posts on Facebook

We do care about blog readers. We recommend you delete multiple Facebook posts at once using your computer.

Just log in to your Facebook account on your PC, and click the Manage Posts option at the top right of the Posts section. Click Filter at the top right then select your old posts by date and click Next. After you will have two options to hide and delete all the selected posts at once.

Choose your choice accordingly and this way you will easily get rid of your old, and new Facebook posts at once. This is our recommended method because this method will save you time.

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