How to Change Ringtone in Messenger [2022]


Facebook Messenger is the most popular yet very powerful instant messaging app. Almost every Facebook user has Messenger installed on their smartphone. It has hundreds of customization features. Users can now add their Avatars and use them as their stickers and much more. For sure, it will never let you down in terms of customization and connectivity. Also, you can fix several problems with Messenger notifications.

However, one really annoying feature is the default notification sound, and its ringtone. When you get a notification or call, the tone/sound is loud, boring, and kind of old too. In short, you may wanna change it after some time. Thankfully, the Messenger has a lot of other ringtones and notifications sound you can choose from. Even you have the option to turn off Messenger notifications completely. Moreover, you can use and add custom ringtones. So, what are you waiting for? let get into the easy step to change it.

How to Change Messenger Ringtone

Facebook Messenger allows users to change the default ringtone sound. There are lots of ringtones sounds you can choose from. In short, you can also a custom ringtone if you want. That is what I am going to cover with another heading below. Before getting started, make sure to updater your Facebook Messenger to its latest version to enjoy new sounds. Now, here is how to change the default ringtone/call sound on Facebook Messenger:

Open the Messenger app. Then tap your profile picture at the top left corner. Now tap Notifications & Sounds. Tap “Ringtone” from the list. Now you will see lots of sounds you can use as your default ringtone sound. Then select the one you like and the changes will be saved automatically. So, that is how easily you can change the default ringtone sound on your Facebook Messenger app.

How to Change Messenger Ringtone
How to Change Messenger Ringtone

However, there are no such settings on Facebook Messenger to set a custom ringtone. Don’t worry some alternative methods available for doing so. I will show you the easy method to do. You don’t need to root your device or install custom apps. Read also: Fix Messenger Chat Heads Not Working.

Add a Custom Ringtone to Messenger

Now, what if you wanna a custom one? Don’t worry you can do it, but the default settings won’t allow you to do it. You will need to do it via your Android Settings. Please follow these to add or set a custom ringtone on Messenger:

Update 2021: The latest Messenger allows you to set custom ringtones. Here is how to do it, open the Messenger app. Tap your profile photo at the top left, then Notifications & Sound. Now tap the “Manage Notifications” option at the bottom. Tap Chat and Calls, then Sound, and tap the “Choose local ringtone” option. Browse the ringtone and tap to set it as a custom one Messenger.

Add a Custom Ringtone to Messenger
Add a Custom Ringtone to Messenger

You can also add a custom ringtone to Messenger via your Android Settings. Open the Settings app. Find and tap App. Now tap Manage Apps and find Messenger.  tap Notifications > Chat and Calls > Sound > Choose local ringtone > Browse the ringtone and tap to add it to Messenger. This action will set it as your custom Messenger call ringtone.

How to Change Messenger Notification Sound

When you get a new chat notification and hear that ding sound. Believe me, it’s too loud and annoying. However, it’s the default notification sound/tone on Facebook Messenger. Android users can change it while iOS/iPhone users are stuck with the default one. Here is the easy way to change it:

Open the Messenger app and tap your profile icon at the top left. Now tap Sound & Notifications, tap Notification Sound and select the one sound you like. Don’t worry the changes will be saved automatically. You may wanna listen to each one before setting it as your default one. Moreover, the suggestion is to update your Messenger app to enjoy the latest/new notification sounds.

Change Notifications Sound in Messenger
Change Notifications Sound in Messenger

How to Change Messenger Ringtone on iPhone

There are no settings on iPhone for Facebook Messenger to change its ringtone or notifications around. In short, you cannot change the Messenger ringtone on your iPhone. However, in a discussion on Apple’s official forum, I have found that you can get into Settings then Sounds and Haptics the Text Tone. You will see two options there “Alter Tones and Ringtones”. From there you can select different sounds and ringtones for text messages and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, there is no way to do change such settings on the Facebook Messenger web version.

Change Messenger Lite Ringtone and Notification Sound

Even in the latest Messenger Lite app, you cannot change its default ringtone and notifications sound. Alternatively, you can change the Messenger Lite ringtone from your Android Settings.

Here is the method: Open the Settings app on your device. Then go to App > Manage Apps > Messenger Lite > Notifications > Default > and tap Sound. Now select from the default phone ringtones or tap the “Choose local ringtone” to select a custom one. Optional you may wanna change it when you update your Messenger Lite app.

Change Messenger Lite Ringtone and Notification Sound
Change Messenger Lite Ringtone and Notification Sound

Can You Change the Sound Facebook Messenger Makes?

Yes, you can change both the ringtone and notification sound Facebook Messenger makes. Simply tap your file icon at the top left, then Notifications & Sound. You will have both options to change the Messenger ringtone and notification sound. As everything is described above. Also, screenshots are provided above for your reference.

Can I Change Messenger Ringtone or Notifications on PC?

No, you cannot change the Messenger notifications and ringtone sound on PC. Because there are no settings in the preferences. Even I have checked the options in the latest version of Messenger for the desktop app. There are no settings for doing so. In short, you cannot change Facebook Messenger notifications either the ringtone on PC, on, and Facebook/messages.

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