How to Block and Unblock Someone on Messenger

If you are getting unwanted messages from people on Messenger. You can easily get rid of their messages and calls by simply blocking them. Don’t worry you will have the blocked list on Messenger to go to and unblock a person whenever you want.

Please note that blocking someone on Facebook is different from blocking people on Messenger. People do change from time to time. Sometimes you must be connected with a person and would love to talk to each other. But it is possible that after a couple of weeks/days/months you don’t the event wanna hear his/her name. That is where this feature/tool comes in handy. However, you can easily ignore them on Messenger, instead of blocking them.

What happens when you block someone?

Whenever you block someone on Facebook Messenger, you guys are no longer connected. That individual can no longer send you text messages, calls, video calls, etc. Also, both of you can no longer see each other profiles on Messenger.

Note that if you guys have joined the same group on Messenger, you may still see each other messages in that group only. Yes, you won’t see that individual if the group admin removes him/her from the group. Other than that it is still possible to see each other in the same group even if you remove that contact on Messenger.

Also, note that blocking someone on only Messenger doesn’t block that individual on the entire FB platform. You definitely need to get rid of that person everywhere to not see him/her again.

How to Block Someone on Messenger

Facebook Messenger is no doubt the best instant messaging app out there. It’s free and feature-rich with tons of possibilities. It also gives privacy-rich features including restricting or blocking someone with a few simple steps. Don’t know how to block a friend or non-friend? Here is how to do it.

On the Messenger app

Open the Messenger app. Tap and hold on conversation, then tap the Block option. Tap the icon next Block messages and calls option. Confirm the action, and done. You have blocked that person.

How to block someone on Messenger on Android

Alternatively, open a chat in Messenger and tap the info icon at the top right corner. Now tap Block. Tap that icon next to Block messages and calls. Confirm the action by tapping on the BLOCK option on the next popup.

Method 2 to Block Someone on Messenger on Android

On iPhone

You can easily block a person on Messenger using your iPhone: Open a conversation. Tap the name of the person at the top. Scroll down and tap Block. Now tap Block Calls and Messages. Confirm that and you are good to go. The person is now blocked.

How to block someone on Messenger on iPhone


If you are using Messenger on your PC most of the time. Then it’s easy to do the same on To block a person on, please follow these steps:

Visit As you can see all the conversations listed on the left side, click the three horizontal dots right to a conversation by hovering the cursor on it. Click Block Messages. The next popup window will appear and you must see Cancel or Block Messages, click on Block Messages to confirm.

How to block a person on Messenger (web version)
How to block a person on Messenger (web version)

How to Unblock Someone on Messenger

Sometimes you may change your mind and think to unblock a blocked person on Messenger. Don’t worry I am here to help. To unblock someone on Messenger please follow these steps:

Open the Messenger app. Tap Menu then Settings. Now tap Privacy & Safety, and select Blocked Accounts. Tap someone from the blocked list to unblock. Tap the icon next to Block Calls and Messages to unblock that person.


Unblock Someone on Messenger on iPhone

You can easily unlock a person a Messenger on an iPhone. Open the Messenger app. Then tap Menu then the Settings icon. Tap Privacy & Safety. Now tap Blocked Accounts. Tap the name of the person you want to unblock. Finally, tap Unblock Message and Calls.

What happens when you unblock someone?

Right when you unblock someone on Facebook Messenger, everything will go normal. Both of you guys can send each other messages, can call, and video calls. You can react and each other messages and use every single feature of Messenger to have fun with your friends again.

Difference Between Facebook and Messenger Blocking

Facebook and Messenger are two different things when we talk about blocking features. Do you think that blocking someone on Messenger may result in the same on Facebook? You are wrong dear, both these apps are two different things.

On the blocking page of the Messenger app, you must see two different things that block messages and block on Facebook too. If you block someone on Messenger only, it means that you guys will be able to:

  • See each other Facebook profiles
  • Interact with each other comments and likes
  • Mentioning many more possible things on Facebook only.

However, if you block someone on Facebook too then you guys are completely gone away from each other on both Facebook and Messenger. Blocking somebody on Facebook means unfriending.

I may keep writing about the difference the whole day but the above-mentioned are the major things I thought you may need to know.

Can the blocked person send you a message on Facebook?

Nope and never the person you have blocked can send you any messages. Moreover, this is for both of you. Meaning, even you can no longer send that individual a message until you unblock him/her.

The conversation is still available until you delete it, but you should see a blue bar with “You can’t reply to this conversation” in the app. However, if you open that conversation in a browser on a PC you should see that “This person isn’t available right now”.

How do you know if someone has blocked you?

Facebook doesn’t make it transparent if someone has just blocked you on Messenger. Facebook won’t inform anyone about blocking or ignoring. As per Facebook, it is just to keep things private (I don’t even understand what it means).

When you open a conversation on Facebook Messenger and see “You can’t reply to this conversation”  in the app or “This person isn’t available right now” on It clearly means that someone has just blocked you on Messenger. Moreover, you may still see these kinds of notifications if somebody has deactivated their Facebook account.

Bonus tip: An alternative way to find out if an individual has been blocked is to ask a friend or use a fake profile and send him/her a message. If you or your friend can send the message, then listen to me very carefully – you have been blocked.

Can the blocked person call you?

Let me say, the answer is No again. For your information blocking people on Messenger is like you are completely and will have no interaction with each other. Some users ask me a question on Quora, is it possible to call someone after blocking them just like WhatsApp? The answer is no and never, Messenger is not WhatsApp, right?

Does blocking someone remove a conversation?

Never until you do it yourself. Facebook Messenger never removes a conversation even if you block or ignore someone. The entire conversation is still available to you and the person you have blocked. Both of you can read it even if it is a secret conversation. Note that ignore the doest and move that conversation to the hidden inbox on Messenger.

Can a blocked contact see my active status on Messenger?

The simple answer is NO. Both of you guys can no longer see each other active or online status on the Messenger platform.  It is impossible for both parties. Moreover, there is an alternative way to keep an eye on the blocked person from 2nd or fake Facebook profile.

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  1. Stacy Villa says

    I have a question. If I’m unblocked on Facebook by the person that blocked me. We are now friends on facebook but on my profile still shows that the message button is in grey. That’s what they are seeing on their end when they are looking at my profile and I’m seeing just the word friends on theirs. Does that mean the person who blocked me has to go into their messenger setting and unblock me there too so we can receive messages,phone calls, etc. I tried to figure it out sure that what the issue. Any suggestions

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